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Compassionate Leadership

Leaders are crucial to efforts to evolve healthier more thriving environments and cultures.

Thriving leaders must have “a very passionate, deep and persistent commitment to real learning.”

They must be willing to bring together people with different points of view from different parts of the system and champion the creation of a truly shared vision of a thriving workplace and workforce culture.

Visible and thriving leaders:

  • have deep commitment to a healthy culture;
  • use systems thinking;
  • create Shared Values―Shared Results;
  • incorporate evidence and practice from other nontraditional areas (e.g., positive leadership, transformational leadership, etc.);
  • co-create a truly shared vision.

Committed and courageous leaders are crucial to a thriving work culture and environment.

Engaged leadership is also imperative at all levels in organizations. Leadership from those in formally appointed positions,
leadership from individuals with operational or wellness