We see a world where resilient, thriving individuals are engaged in high-quality and meaningful work, collaborating with creative and inspired colleagues in organizations where they feel supported, challenged, and valued.

Just as every flower is unique, every person’s ability to fully flourish is unique. 

The dimensions of health and well-being are related to one another, so we represent health as more of a flower with overlapping petals, rather than as a pie chart or a wheel, like many other depictions of health’s dimensions.

Emotional/ Mental

Physical Health

Emotional/ Spiritual Well-being


Health and


Intellectual Well-being

Environmental Well-being


  1. Spiritual Well-being
    Spiritual Well-being
    Spiritual health includes seeking a sense of inner peace and inter-connectedness, personal meaning and a higher sense of purpose in life. (Click here for more...)
  2. Mental Health
    Mental Health
    In the past few decades there has been a major growth in research on human thriving, strengths, and virtues. The findings have tremendous implications for approaches to improve population health (Click here for more...)
  3. Physical Health
    Physical Health
    Ongoing research in positive health (subjective, biological, and functional health) is exploring whether individual strengths like those studied by positive psychologists contribute to longer, healthier lives. (Click here for more...)
  4. Intellectual Well-being
    Intellectual Well-being
    Intellectual well-being is highly individual and involves finding ways to engage in personally stimulating and rewarding activities. (Click here for more...)
  1. Financial Well-being
    Financial Well-being
    Financial health involves being comfortable with your current and future financial situation by having a clear plan for financial security. (Click here for more...)
  2. Social Well-being
    Social Well-being
    There is a vast amount of literature on the impact of social factors on mortality, physical health, wellness, and well-being. (Click here for more...)
  3. Environmental Well-being
    Environmental Well-being
    Health is influenced by our experience with our environment through exposure, support, and how we make decisions. Environmental factors are an important consideration for positive individual health (Click here for more...)
  4. Work/Career Well-being
    Work/Career Well-being
    Having a fulfilling occupation or career that allows a sense of purpose, flow, growth, and connectedness is critically important to positive individual health. (Click here for more...)