Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.

― Carl Sagan

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Spiritual Well-being: Connecting with Something Bigger Than Ourselves

Posted By Jennifer S. Pitts, Ph.D. 5/5/2016
Spiritual health includes seeking a sense of inner peace and interconnectedness, personal meaning, and a higher purpose in life. Individuals might strive for spiritual health through religious beliefs and practices, nature, meditation, yoga, and other means of connecting with the divine or sacred. Strong spirituality has been positively linked to both mental and physical health.
Spirituality could also be found in an altruistic commitment to a worthy cause that provides deeper meaning or social connections. Expressing gratitude or volunteering and giving back are also fulfilling ways to feed one’s soul while benefiting a cause or others in need. Organizations can offer opportunities for employees to volunteer for high-value community or nonprofit projects.